Everyday I wake up is a blessing as some who laid down the night before didn’t get up or can’t. That’s why I embrace happiness in everything around me. There is happiness in the blue skies and the birds singing. The winds blowing in the trees. They seem to be waving at the sky, the sun shining on them and me. If you can’t be happy, try a simple meditation. Something you create yourself that will allow you to move into your own space. Eliminate anything that is negative and surround yourself with good thoughts. Not as simple as all that, huh? It can be done. Think about that cool glass of coke on a hot summer day. That ice-cream cone that melted faster than you could eat it. That first pay-check from your first job. Give yourself a hug for graduating high school. We don’t laugh enough. We are so serious about everything. Take time to laugh. Laugh at yourself. Watch a funny movie. Give yourself a hug.

There is a passage in the Bible that says “In whatsoever state I’m in; therewith be content. ” I am content with where I am and how I am. Could be better, could be worse. Yet I’m still alive. No one wants to live in a state of unhappiness. We should make the best of what we have and keep it moving. I was thinking not very long ago about how we hold on to things. Things that make us happy. Would you believe a tattered t-shirt or an over-sized pair of jogging pants, holds happiness? They are my working attire. The last time I mowed the lawn, I wore them. When I was done I pealed them off and proceeded to toss them in the trash. The pants had a big safety pen in them. The shirt was full of holes. I held them for a moment and thought about what I could replace them with. I couldn’t think of anything. So I tossed them in the laundry for maybe one last wash and perhaps one last wearing. I think it would be easier for me to throw something newer away. They make me happy for some reason.

I can embrace happiness when I’m planting flowers or my garden. The tilling of the soil and smelling fresh earth as it spreads the aroma of a new beginning. Here is the planting of a new creation. Eventually the seed will reach for the sky from underground and grow into what its supposed to be. Happiness comes when you successfully reap a harvest. Also when you can shared the fruits of your labor with others. Our lives are full of events that either make or break us. Each day brings on new challenges. We can accept them with a positive mind or shut down. I chose to keep it moving. I witnessed an event not long ago with some special needs children. They are so happy, concerned with each other. They exchange pleasantries and make sure everyone in their group is okay. They are for the most part happy. On another occasion I witnessed a dog rolling around in the grass on his back for all he was worth. He looked so happy. Small things that wouldn’t make a difference to some folks would be the opposite for others. Remember life is too short to be a puddle glum.

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