Out of the eight children my mother had, I can say I might be the strangest. My imagination was always going places. And it still does. As I was leaving the gym today, I saw this sign that said kickball. I thought about what it entailed. Guess it was what it said. Kick ball. I entertained the idea of calling the number but decided not to. Instead I got this great idea. I would build me a net much like a soccer goal and do it in my front yard. Yep imagination going wild. So I got a couple of garden sticks and some plastic netting I had left from previous gardening projects. I nailed them in the ground and wallah! There it was. I got the soccer ball and kicked it. The net was too high but I’ll fix it tomorrow. Why am I doing all this? Long story, folks. For years I have been fighting many health issues. The bigger one is losing weight. I’ve been walking 10 thousand plus miles most days, done spinning classes, Zumba. I’ve just now started to do HIIT exercises along with weight lifting. I figured perhaps I need to take my exercising to another level. So here I go. I’ve change my food intake a good bit. No red meat, chicken or fried foods. I must confess that I’m having a sugar problem; but I haven’t given up. I love bread but it takes a month for me to eat a loaf. Perhaps I’m just not doing the right things. Cool sculpting sounds like an alternative; but I don’t want to spend $$$$ on something that may or may not work. And this needs to be long term. My mind imagines 20lbs lighter. And I can see it but will it happen? Imagining I can eat all the varieties of m&m’s and not gain a pound. That’s where my mind goes. And when I do eat them I feel not so good. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten sugar. My stomach has been de-programmed. Fruit is good but the candy and cookies, wreak havoc on my gut.

I’m going to start today with my variety of exercises. Going to the gym and doing the kick ball. For 30 days. The days I cheat means another 15 reps or 15 minutes. You see I’ve got a game plan. Sometimes it helps to challenge oneself and I do. It would be good to have an exercise partner, but being the middle child I was always a loner. As I grew older, it didn’t change much. People make me nervous, so when I exercise, I guess I need to do it alone. My mind is always full of things that I never get to write down. By the time I reach pen and paper or the computer, it’s gone. Some of them were really good. You would think a person with an imagination like mine would be prepared to capture everything. I’m imagining a lemon tree somewhere in my yard; maybe two. They are supposed to be fragrant but are they indigenous to the south? Imagine. Lemons to keep the gut active instead of making lemonade. I’m imagining energy to keep mowing my lawn with the push mower, but I imagine more that somewhere before the summer ends, my riding mower will be repaired. I can see it now. Me flying across the back yard at a pretty good speed. That’s an imagination. My mower and me.

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