The Sweets Come Out At Night

I am more than upset to have erased the original post for this blog. I don’t know yet how to recover lost data. Anyway I posted about my fondness for M&M’s. As well as other sweet things that are not good for my health. I will eat dinner and think I’m done but then my mind goes in to overdrive and I start thinking of what’s in the pantry. Of course I have something there that shouldn’t be. We had a granny that used to tell us, never go to the store and not buy snacks. So in my attempt to lose weight, I sometimes forget this until I go foraging for something. Most times it has to be something with sugar in it and it is always after dinner and around 9pm. I worked up a strategy that tells me to drink water. And I do but that sugar craving has got me under it’s spell. I will settle for other snacks too. My habit had gotten so bad at one point that I had so many crumbs in my bed that they plugged up my phone. I couldn’t figure out why. I took it to the phone store and after much checking, the clerk used a pin and found the connection was full of crumbs. Ooooops! I no longer put my phone in the bed. It charges on the night stand. Another bad snack habit was going to the bathroom and grabbing a snack on the way back to bed. I even kept a snack in the bed so when I woke up I could eat it. One time I woke up with a mouth full of half chewed peanuts. But the sweets are the most damaging. The M&M candy has several varieties. I like them all except the jalapeno and caramel. I buy about 4 different kind and mix then all together, then put them in my snack jar. All during the day I have no desire to eat them but as darkness falls the sweet tooth starts to come alive. I’ve tried bypassing the jar. It still calls my name. There are other sweets calling too like animal crackers, ginger snaps, windmills. Just like an addict has to have their fix. After I’ve scarfed down more than my share; I start to feel guilty. And even worse than that, the next morning I feel so sluggish. I don’t need to wonder why. Yes, there is something vampire like in this sugar craving. There was an old song that said night time is the right time; I don’t know about that. The thing is once you’ve eaten them; it’s all over. Well, that’s one of many things I deal with daily. It’ll be alright.

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