Samantha Miracle

She was number 5 in a litter of 6 and the runt. I was told she wasn’t breathing when she was born. They had to give her mouth to mouth. First time I ever heard of that. Anyway, she survived. Just by accident my brother was looking at a vehicle these people had. And there were these kittens. The owner begged me to take one. Against my wishes, I said yes. Thus the beginning of my relationship with a cat again. Years before that, my familiarity with cats came from sharing 2 Burmese cats with my ex-husband. Prior to that we had a manx and his brother. So it wasn’t that I wasn’t accustomed to cats. I wasn’t prepared for one; especially a kitten.She meowed that night all night. I guess she missed her siblings and her mom. She was quick to figure out the litter box and how to swing on the curtains. I gave her the name Samantha Miracle because it was a miracle that she lived. She finally adjusted to being an only kitty. Right off the bat she established who was the boss. Her eating habits weren’t typical. She didn’t eat wet cat food or people food. From day one it was dry. I took her to the vet to get the necessary shots and get a full exam. She was pretty good in the early years. She was spayed at the proper time and went thru the howling phase for a while. Outdoors was in the garage for a while. When she was about 3 years old she got to go on the front yard and explore. She never wandered too far. Later on she did go on an adventure in the woods. She was gone for 2 days! All I could think of was her little body ripped apart by some wild animal. I was grieving. One morning I woke up and opened the front door and there she was. She walked in the house as if to say, I’m back; move out of the way. She tolerated a hug or two, ate some food, drank some water and proceeded to her cat bed; where she promptly fell asleep. Okay, so now that I know what she’s all about, there will be no more out of doors. Unfortunately, she did get out again by accident and stayed another few days. We went searching for her that time and finally gave up. Hoping she would come back. She did.

She’s almost 15 years old now. Guess we’re in our golden years. She still goes outside but stays close to the house. She communicates that she wants to go in the garage by looking up at me and meowing or stands at the kitchen door. I stopped buying cat toys early on, she’s never used the scratching post. She has a couple of mice she bats around occasionally. I’ve cover a chair with a sheet that she uses for her scratching post. After attacking the last vet I took her to, she hasn’t seen one. She woke up from the anesthesia they had given her and attacked the vet. He was saying it’s typical for calicos to be temperamental. If she ever needs to be seen by a vet, we will do what has to be done. When my nephews visit; she completely disappears. She comes to eat and then hides or goes to the garage. They’re afraid of her and likewise. I must say, she has been a good kitty over the years. She lays beside me at night until I go to sleep, then heads off to her favorite chair.

March 18, 2023. Samantha had a stroke and was put to sleep. She was 18 years old. I’m still trying to deal with the loss.18 years is a long time to have a pet. I know for now that I won’t try to get another pet. I won’t say never because never is a long time. But for now I need to work thru this. She used to run up to me and swat me; then run off like she was playing tag. She was always too fast for me to swat her back.

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