Make Lemonade

The saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I can’t drink lemonade because you have to use sugar. Since I’m diabetic that runs my blood sugar up. So I choose to eat the lemons because I like the tartness. Strange huh? Lemons are used to clean the palate after a meal, keep veggies crisp, refresh cutting boards, clean glass, remove stains and so on. Life has given all of us some lemons; what we do with them makes the difference in how we will survive whatever we are facing. Are we facing some things that require us to experience the bitterness of lemons? Or can we perhaps add a little sugar to make it better. Our happiness depends on how we approach day to day challenges. Yes, challenges. Each day is certainly a challenge. I see these challenges as a continuous journey that will end on the day I take my last breath. I drink life bitter or sweet, sour or not. Encounters with people can sometimes be lemons. Have you ever met someone that just has nothing positive to say about anything or anyone? Everything about them is a sourpuss. If you spend enough time with them you absorb that same spirit. That has to be a spirit, a lemon or sour spirit? The pucker from the lemon isn’t like the pucker for a kiss. But they are both puckers. Hot lemon water first thing in the morning gets your digestive tract going. I don’t know about that. I confess that I have tried it. Can’t tell the difference. It does make drinking water easier. A mixture of lemons and cucumbers is refreshing on a hot summer day. Here in Georgia we have a lot of those. Sweet tea drinkers might add a little lemon. Seafood tastes better with lemon added instead of salt. Lemons smell good. I want to plant a lemon tree. I don’t know if it will survive but its worth a try. Then I can have the smell of lemon if my yard. I recall squeezing lemons in the winter time and adding sugar to cure colds. Home remedies like that are old-fashioned to the younger generation. Wonder if they know what a lemon is? I hope.

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