How do you become a hermit? If you want to disconnect from the world and everything in it? I’ve read about people that just seem to vanish from the face of the earth. Do you wake up one day and decide to disassociate? Or is it something pre-planned? Some people decide they are fed up and go into obscurity, changing their identity. Some drop who they are and join a commune or a monastery. How do you decide? There are many places on this earth that would allow one to disappear; but how do you leave your family and friends? Everything you have worked for over the years? Do you abandon those things a take on a life of poverty or a life of simplicity? I’ve watched people sell their large homes and downsize to what they call a Tiny House. They decided that they can live without having 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, etc. They sort through their belongings and keep only those things they need. Some of us would never make it past point A. But they build in such a way that they have everything they need in 200-700 square feet as opposed to 1700 or more. When you think of a person that has all of their belongings on their backs, not homeless, but a wanderer or adventurer wonder what they are thinking. What made them decide to give it all up? Is there a psychological problem?And what is the outcome of such a venture? Not so long ago, I talked to a man that told me some of his best days were spent in solitary confinement. Is aloneness a product of disconnecting? There are wide open spaces that one could inhabit and not see another person for an extended period of time. Living off the land. We have to know how to survive. Do we chose to live in the wilderness or melt into the inner city with millions of people who take no notice? We are social by nature. Man was not meant to be alone. Yet there are some of us that would prefer that aloneness. Suppose we set off on one of these adventures and came to the conclusion that after a week or so, it wasn’t the right change? You’ve experienced it. What effect did it have on you? Did it change your outlook? Has it made you a better person? It’s good to exist in a world that allows us to have our down time. We may go to extremes to experience it; but the true reality for me is that I personally will always need social and personal contact with the world. The saying that you can be alone in a room full of people is true.

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