I have on my front porch a large set of wind chimes. Today is a sunny Sunday after church and as I was preparing lunch, I could hear the tingle, tingle, bong, bong. Beautiful melodious tones that floated off into the atmosphere. Were I a wind-chime whisperer, I would wish I could interpret what was being said. Perhaps, I will pretend just that. They’re saying feel the presence of nature as I call out to the trees, the birds, the sun. Listen to what I speak to your heart as you hear the spirit of the Lord awakening in you a newness of this day. Enwrap your soul to the greatness of the universe and your part in it. For we all play an important part, each with our own uniqueness. Listen to the different tones I play. I was told once that the chimes had an eerie sound. That they indeed summon spirits from another world. The chimes represent a freedom to go where they want and to serenade the animals that come to feed on various grasses and bird seed. Here I am singing a song to you that only I can sing but everyone can hear. The chimes speak and tell me there is no fear in the tones I make. I won’t take you to dark places you’ve never seen. I won’t capture you and hold your spirit prisoner. I have the power to make you happy on days like today. And even when it’s cold, windy and wet; I can still spread my happy tones. Yes, the wind is my starter. When there is no wind; there is no me. Yet I am patient and can wait until it stirs. And it will stir eventually. I might sit for days before I utter a sound but when I do it’s a joyous sound. I like the happiness I create. I am like the laughter you hear and memories you won’t forget. I am present, past and future. If I were a chime-whisperer I would speak of all things good floating on my tones out into a troubled world. That we might speak of serenity, peace, love, tranquility in abundance. My tones will move around barriers, walls built, fortresses guarded, soothing troubled minds and yes; savage beasts. Allow my sounds to transport you for a moment and find that place that belongs only to you.

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