I was at the grocery store a few minutes ago and saw a cousin. He asked what are you doing down here? I said I always come down here. He said you can go to blah de blah. I said they’re too expensive. He says they’re about the same. I beg to differ. Wonder why things like where you buy groceries or get your hair done, makes a difference in your status in life?The grocery stores are all selling the same poison. Hair dressers style to same hair styles. If you shop at Walmart, you are considered low class. So you go to Target` and spend twice as much. Payless shoes wear the same as Macy’s. Designer bags carry the same money as knock offs. People! Where have we migrated to? This is what we’ve evolved to. Our children want the designer stuff, updated phones, new cars(not used). No time to read a book or learn a different language. Even when we can’t afford what we have, we have to look the part. That’s so everyone will think we’re not struggling. Lying awake at night wondering how in the world am I going to pay this or that. Let’s stop pretending and be for real. It doesn’t hurt to be yourself. Others may not see you the same way, so what? Say good-bye to anyone or anything that won’t allow you to be you. I remember asking a person about where they went to church. They stuck out their chest and said blah blah with a pompous attitude, What did that mean? The house of worship is a place where everyone definitely should be equal. I have a hard time rubbing elbows with some of my relatives because they have a superior attitude, when in fact; we’re from the same mold. Bringing up that sameness allows them to list their accomplishments, where they went to school, how much money they make and so on and so on. People please. Life is but a vapor. One puff and we’re gone. The deal is to live to the fullest while we’re here and hope that we have done our best. That much we can do with no strings attached.


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