We’re in the year 2019! How we made it is not the question. Just the fact that we did is all that matters. Some thinking has changed for the better. Reflections and resolutions keep my mind going in a lot of directions. This year tells me to gird up my loins. I see new projects coming to fruition. my writing will take priority over other things. Yet, I see the need to help the needy, the children, the elderly, the hungry homeless. I’ve lived three score so the other ten I’ve been promised needs to be lived, full speed ahead. We’ve witnessed all kinds of things from Washington. We’ve experienced too many crimes and atrocities. We’ve hungered for the peace that will surely come some day. We pray that our children will be able to survive in a world gone mad. Is it for real? How do we deal with the changes and still keep our sanity?

We don’t know the answers. Grasping for solutions and determining that there has to be a better way. How do we find it? I’ve considered detaching from organized living. Pack up and move to a remote area that’s untouched by man. The thought of survival is the main aspect of that venture. What would it take to survive? What environmental issues need to be considered? Can you just move on a piece of land out in the middle of nowhere with no documentation? Pioneering sounds exciting; but I am a senior citizen. Not young and vibrant. A dreamer, so I’ll stay where I am in rural Georgia in a quiet neighborhood for now. And lose myself in the dreams I build in my writing.

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