I love to hear the wind blow. It makes me feel as if I am a part of where it’s going. It has the power to destroy and create. The breath of the earth taking a trip. We experienced a tornado last night that destroyed one community. The devastation was tremendous but at the same time no lives were taken. The wind can be selective in that it will blow where it will. A sunny day with a warm wind blowing is invigorating. It can be refreshing. I like the wind because there is a song that says, ” The answer is blowing in the wind.” Is it? If I were to listen with all of my physical and spiritual senses, could I hear it? And with that would I hear the secret of all secrets? The answer to all the IF’s. When Stevie Wonder wrote “Blowing In The Wind” he said that’s where the answer was. If we could hear what it was telling us, would it make a difference in how we live our lives? Would we be able to change the  way the world is going? Change our way of living and thinking? Could we see that the future depends on decisions we make today? Listen to the wind and hear that it carries a lot of stories. It has been a lot of places, seen a lot of things and people. It knows all of our secrets. I saw a bush dancing in the wind today. It looked like two hands waving in a dance. Wonder what the wind was telling it. Have you felt the wind on your face on a warm summer day or on a frosty winter morning? It’s exhilarating! So much to cherish in this thing called the wind, which is a part of our lives and the earth that houses it. Experience and enjoy the wind and let it carry you where is will in the visions of your mind.

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