Calico Kitty

My cat is a calico named Samantha. She wasn’t breathing when she was born. So the owners gave her mouth to mouth. And she’s been breathing every since. Early on she was getting regular visits to the vet. Then one day in 2010 I took her in for her shots. They gave her anesthesia but she came out of it and had a knock down drag out with the assistant. Really clawed her. So, Samantha Miracle McDermott was black-balled from this particular vet. She hasn’t been since. So far she hasn’t had any health issues. She’s an inside cat so she’s not exposed to fleas and such. She gets to play in the garage and goes out ever so often to have some salad(grass). She loves paper. Just likes to lay on it. I guess the crackle pleases her. She sits in empty boxes and stares. She likes to play tag. She’ll lay in my arms then all of a sudden she bites at me; then run.  I don’t know how long she will live. She seems to be sleeping a lot lately. I’ve also noticed when she jumps on some things she half way misses. I’m about the same way. Not as active or agile as I used to be.  She likes to sit outside the War Room when I’m praying. It’s as if she is guarding the door. Some days she might not know I’m in there. I don’t I don’t think I would replace her if she dies. I’m getting older and I don’t have anyone to take care of her when I leave.

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