Wool Gathering

I am sooo amazed at the things that come into my mind while I drove from Tennessee to Georgia. Our minds are capable of doing so many things. one minute I’m singing along with whatever is playing on the radio, the next I’m remembering something I experienced when I was young. Then I dart off to thinking what I would do if I had a certain amount of money. Some thoughts go to religion and the people that are our leaders. I don’t mull over politics too much. That is a stressful issue at this point. Religion has changed in my life a lot in the last year. I’m certain that we have to keep our belief in God no matter what we go through. We must never lose hope. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye comes a red sports car driving 90 plus miles an hour. My thoughts are a few years ago 55 was the mandatory speed limit. Now here we are hurtling down the freeway way over 55. Anything under 80 is considered slow. I wondered how we can feel safe in these 4000 lb pieces of metal and plastic going this fast? Creatures of habit. We just fall in place with the rest of the world. Of course we know that if we hit something going that fast, it’s almost certain we won’t survive. Yet we do it every day. After my 5 hours and exiting the freeway to an access road, I’m still in the speeding mode. I have to catch myself and come back to earth. Just suppose we graduate to the air? Imagine traffic jams in the air? There has to be a way to control the flow. Will there be lanes and traffic signals. I wouldn’t think everyone will be up there. Older adults who have no desire to get off the ground in their vehicle, will stick to ground traffic. Younger gens will see it as an exciting new adventure. That will be a while yet. Maybe 10 years. Then I think about growing older. will I be a functional old person? Will I be able to drive? I think it will be hard if I lose independence. Driving has it’s advantages. By the time I get around to writing all these thoughts, most of them have dissolved. I’m thinking next time, I will record the trip if I’m riding alone.

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