Pain Meds

I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or what. The last few times I’ve been to the dentist, I had some procedures done for a root canal. The very first time the tooth was found to have an abscess. The dentist sent me home with no antibiotics. After talking to several friends and family, they told me I should have antibiotics for the infection. I again didn’t know the infection could get into my blood stream, my brain etc.  A script was called in to the pharmacy. Due to insurance issues, the root canal was postponed a month or so. While I was waiting the pain became unbearable. I had to go back and have the tooth drilled in order to drain. then pain med and antibiotic was added. This lasted for a while. I learned the prescribed script has no effect on me. It did nothing for my pain. I used the gel from Tylenol as one would use Orajel. It worked just fine. Finally got it done. I was a little worried when I saw the guy that was performing the procedure. He looked 80 years old and was shuffling like Artie Johnson. Looks can be deceiving. Everything went well. After we were done, I asked if I needed a script for pain. The nurse said no, regular aspirin should do the trick. Okey dokey. I had read an article earlier in the week regarding African American women and pain meds. Stats said the likelihood of  an African American woman given pain meds is low compared to our counterparts. Reason is that it is perceived that we are accustomed to pain and can tolerate a great deal. Whereas Caucasian women are weaker and not as strong. But the downside to that is they are also more likely to become addicted.  There begins the downward spiral of opiod addiction. There begins the birth of an addiction that spirals out of control. I don’t know if I am grateful for that or not. Pain is pain and pain med distribution should not be race defined. This is where the world is headed? Back to race? Regression wasn’t part of the original plan. I thought we were to grow in every aspect of our lives. We’ve become petty and hateful. Every man for himself. I do have a high pain level, so when I’m given hydrocodone, I don’t bother taking it. No pain no gain. I pray that we evolve into the people God created us to be. Loving, caring, happy, free and giving. None will be perfect but we can aim in that direction. Almost to the end of this root canal saga. I just want it to be over. Tylenol has been a good friend the last few weeks. The ache isn’t constant but when it comes, I know it’s there. It doesn’t hinder me from my activities. So I would advise anyone who is given repeated pain meds by your physician, question whether you really need it. sometimes they think they are helping.

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