Mama’s Back

I have a 15 year old calico cat. I almost said kitty, but she is beyond kitty. She is an only cat and has the run of the house. I was out of town for 2 weeks, so she had a sitter. My nephew dropped in to make sure she had food, water and a clean box. He says most of the time she stays hid when he’s here. When I returned the other day, she didn’t come out. Her cat attitude clicks in when I am gone that long. She keeps her distance. When she finally hops on my lap it has to be in the position she wants. I don’t sit still long and that turns into an issue. So she gets mad and swats me; then runs off. I have to chuckle. She then decides she wants to go out in the garage, so she stands at the kitchen door and screams. Once she’s out she decides she wants back in. This will go on a few minutes if I allow it. But I don’t. Cats are nothing like dogs. Dogs will let their masters dress them in all these crazy outfits.  Don’t dare try that with a cat. Samantha only allows you to pet her when I suits her. Otherwise she will bite or swat at you. We allow each other our space. There’s a bed time ritual she set up. She will wait until I’m in bed, then she jumps up and starts to walk around. She walks on my chest and covers my iPad. I have to move her away. Once she comes to the conclusion that I’m not allowing the sit on the chest bit, she nudges my arm so she can go under it and curls up. She will fall asleep and stay there until I disturb her. Then she hops down and heads off to her chosen sleeping spot for the night. The sleeping spot varies from week to week. Most of the time they’re in the living room. At least she sleeps most of the night. Me, on the other hand, wakes up every two hours. I think that’s one of the reasons she doesn’t sleep with me anymore.  She likes to go into one of the back bedrooms with me when I’m hanging clothes. She thinks she’s smart and hides so when I leave she gets locked back there. Then I will hear this loud meowing. She’s been back there for 4 or 5 hours before I realize she’s been locked in. On opening the door she dashes out headed for the litter box. She still hasn’t learned. I am one of the few people I know that still irons. When Samantha hears the ironing board coming out, she zooms out of the room for parts unknown. I am not sure what’s behind that. She used to allow me to vacuum her. Now she just leaves the room. There are two bowls of food for her. She seldom uses the one in the kitchen; that’s her emergency stash. What I need to remember is that food gets old, so I have to change it. the food will mold after a long period of sitting.

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