Diabetes Is Not A Lifestyle

I have been diabetic for 18 years. It is not a friendly disease. It can totally destroy a normal life. “Complications from”  is a word that is used. I started with just diabetes. Later on I developed Lupus, small heart problems, fibromyalgia, interstatial cystitis, neuropathy. I have been up and down with blood sugars. The weight gain is the most pressing issue for me. No matter how much exercise I do or change in my eating plan, nothing seems to work. Since my weight gain is in the midsection, it throws me off balance. The apple body is what I have. I seriously topple over sometimes when I am standing. Speaking with the endocrinologist regarding the belly growth, i was advised that as long as I am taking insulin, I will gain weight. Yet his advice is, “Lose weight.”  Black tea has been effective in keeping the blood sugars down. I question if there is something else going on along with the diabetes. I would love to find the right combination to get everything in line. I don’t want to keep trying this or that diet. I do want to eat the right food and use exercise as a means to resolve this dilemma.

My latest visit showed improvement in the A1C but still no weight loss. The A1C is not reflective of the blood sugar readings. Is there something more going on? That’s what the physicians need to find out. We have been on this roller coaster ride for far too long. I investigated a new procedure called Reshape Balloon. It would have been the perfect weight loss device for me. But…… due to all of the meds I am taking; it would be much too risky. Back to square one. I am trying to eat the right foods and exercise daily. So I would like to know what else I can do to Start seeing changes?

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