Tame the Beast

I am still learning to control the beast. What beast you might ask. My tongue. They say that once you speak and angry or hurtful thing; you can’t take it back. I agree. One of my sisters likes to ride. She thinks each time I go out, she has to go with me. Some days I just want to do what I do alone. She will call me when I get back and ask me where I’ve been as if I should answer to her. If I don’t say, she will get angry and blurt out something in her anger. Instead of returning anger to her, I wait and then say, ” I’m going to hang up on you if you keep this up. I don’t have to listen to this. I will talk to you later.” Life is not worth all the drama we create. I want to live like tomorrow isn’t coming have learned to listen and give opinions. If I am asked or spoken to, I will respond. I learn more by listening and being observant. many talkers get to a point to where they are repetitious. One of the things I do to keep from being bored in meetings or in church is to take notes. The church setting sometimes can be boring so when I write down key points and such, it keeps my attention. Meetings will also give you info you might need at a later date. It’s easy to keep the beast at bay. Listen, observe and think.

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