Another Diabetes Story

It is a way of life that is not kind. It is inconvenient, to say the least. IT will be the root to many other ailments. It subjects you to many poisons that pretend to be medicinal. It steals your ability to do certain activities. Controls your thinking when you have to make alternate eating habits. No it is not kind. I have watched loved ones succumb to this disease. I’ve learned to avoid certain foods, though I crave ice cold Coke with a vengance. I don’t get to have chocolate covered M&M’s or chocolate ice cream with French fries. I’ve learned that the consequences are too great. Yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope. And that hope is me. Many adjustments have to be made to accommodate this beast. Presently, I have stepped up my exercise regimen. So far so good. There is a gym in town that does hard core training. I am willing to try it. If I find it too taxing, I will certainly stop. I realize that over the years, I have been lazy and not very careful about what I eat. It certainly will have an adverse effect. But it’s all good. When you partner with other people for support, it makes things work better for you. So I encourage anyone with chronic illnesses to do the best you can do and allow yourself to grow into the new you. I can feel the changes.

A few weeks ago I saw an article on FB promoting a new procedure called Reshape Balloon for those of us that can’t seem to lose weight, no matter what. I have been spinning, walking, doing Zumba, weight lifting and modifying my eating habits. Nada, zilch, zero! Nothing is working. I push mowed my lawn this week, perspired like crazy. Dropped 3lbs of water. I’m convinced that there is something else going on. I am in pursuit of the answer and will keep you informed of the outcome. I am going to be a guinea pig. Stay tuned.

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