More On Diabetes

I have just joined an new Diabetes group on Facebook. It’s good to have these communities to share with. I’ve been diabetic for 18 years. It started out aggressive but I’ve learned over the years what makes it go up or down. My biggest challenge is losing weight. No matter what I do, I cannot drop any lbs. I exercise at least 4 days a week. Always get 10,000 steps in. I use You Tube for ab exercises and Zumba. I do Zumba at and instructors house 2 days a week. Light weights when I’m watching TV. My diet is mostly low carbs, no red meat or chicken. I occasionally have low carb no sugar ice cream. So my question is, if the meds I am taking are causing the weight to stay put; what are my alternatives? The group has all kinds of challenges. My blood sugars are high only if I fall off the wagon. I drink black tea every day, which I think is helpful. We have so many do’s and don’ts to deal with. Frustration makes it hard to keep on track. If I’m doing all these things and getting no results, I ask why bother? The bother is for survival of course. There are so many consequences to suffer if we don’t stick to the right regimen. We must keep our activity level going. That is one of the biggest challenges. When you just don’t feel like doing anything but sitting and feeling sorry for yourself. You just eat! We live in a world of eat this, not that. Do this, not that. I’ve challenged myself to 4 months of staying on task. I am praying that even if I mess up here and there; that what I do will show some results. If not, it’s off to a specialist on weight loss. Could be the thyroid is not doing what it should. My endocrinologist says he’s the thyroid doctor. But I think I need a real thyroid specialist. I definitely keep track of my levels. Anything out of the ordinary, I will look for an answer or call the doc. Some of the posts on FB really scares me. People have sore toes or extremely high numbers but won’t go to the doctor. Sometimes that’s due to no medical insurance. But that’s another story. The meal plans they have for diabetics is sometimes too much. I thought about speaking with the local hospital and have them fix my meals for me for a month according to what they would serve to me based on my weight, age, medical condition, etc.  Of course I would have to pay. I don’t like to cook but I’ve learned I can’t eat just anything. Careful monitoring keeps me more or less on track. I don’t know if it’s going to get worse in spite of what I am doing; but I am going to do everything within my power to maintain the best I can. There are so many meds being pushed at us. I truly believe the cure is out there. Big pharma wants to continue to feed us poison. We have to strategize and go back to the Garden in our living and dietary habits. It all starts with what we ingest. But then the medical experts say that some of us are just prone to certain diseases. My task is to lose weight but I have to take insulin to control the diabetes which causes weight gain. Other meds I take have side effects that causes weight gain. Why any of them don’t cause weight loss is beyond me. It’s like a cat chasing it’s tail. Probably need to add that to my exercise routine. But seriously this a daily chore. It’s a routine that has to be done. There have been a few days when I was unable to stick to it and I noticed the difference. Eating off the grid makes a difference. I seldom drink sugary drinks but decided to try one today and I could immediately feel a change. This doesn’t happen often. I will continue to do what I need to do for survival. 

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