Recognizing Real Fear

I was reading a twitter comment from one of the kids from the school shooting in Florida a few weeks ago. He was talking about how scared he was. His statement said, “I’m finna cry.”  He realized that he was in danger and crying along with running was the only thing he could do. How sad that children can’t go to school and get an education without being afraid. We as grown-ups are telling them they have to go to school. What if they are afraid and this thing is so bad that their fear won’t allow them to function there anymore? Much like the monster in the closet. Prove it isn’t there. 

I recall when I was in elementary school many years ago, we had air raid drills. This was back in the 60’s. At least one day a week we would have these drills where the teachers would direct us out of our seats and to waiting school buses. There were students from 1st to 12th grade. We were given designated buses to board. My heart would be racing, even though this was a drill. Real fear. One day in all the business of getting to my bus, I was knocked down. No matter how many times we were told not to run, we always did. Well, one of the older kids bumped into me and knocked me down. I fell and rolled under the tire of the bus. The motor was running. Total panic! I scrambled as hard and fast as I could to remove myself. I did and proceeded to board the bus. I know what it must have felt like to those kids. If the bus had moved, I would have been crushed. I’m not sure if I cried or not. I do know that from that day on my fear was double. Is there a way to stay calm when you’re scared?

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