It’s been almost 7 weeks since I had my rotator cuff operation. Seems like forever. I’ve slept in my recliner for the most part; afraid of rolling over on it. The sling came off on the 8th and I felt liberated. Even though I wasn’t able to do a lot of the normal things, I didn’t have that cumbersome thing in the way. Yesterday I got ambitious and hung new blinds forgetting about the arm. Much to my surprise, I had no problems. I was advised by the therapist to take my pain med before coming to therapy. It says the pill makes you drowsy, and since I am driving, I haven’t been doing that. Her reason is it helps with the pain. I’m not that brave. I’d rather deal with the pain. So as I slowly regain good movement and range of motion my thoughts are headed toward my yard and flower beds. It’s still too early to plant anything as the weather has had a change of plans. It wants to be winter again. Stuck in the house has got me cleaning junk drawers and cabinets. What a bounty I’ve gathered to give to charity. My arm seems to be okay for minor things. And I am able to get back in my bed even though it feels strange.

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