As I was dinking around earlier this evening, I thought about the things we possess that we don’t use because it’s our good stuff. I changed my table cloth and put on the silk one my Filipino friend had given me years ago in Seattle. Along with dishes and silverware.  This is stuff that means something to me. My nieces and nephews could care less. I don’t think its going in the coffin with me when I shut my eyes. So I am going to use my stuff while I can enjoy it. The same with my clothes. You know how we have certain clothes for special occasions? Everyday is special. I laughed when I thought about last summer  I was going to dress in my red ball gown and my fake mink. It didn’t matter if the temp was 90 plus. I love traditions but I also love being a little off track sometimes. Following what everyone else thinks you should do and be. I like being different. It’s who I am. I’ll admit that I came across new things that I know can be used for the homeless and battered women. On tomorrow, I will dedicate a few hours to sorting thru and donating items for pickup. I certainly don’t want to become a hoarder.


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