Spiritual Abuse

We were subjected to several years of abuse. One individual was having constant dreams showing things that happened later. When we filed complaints, they were pooh poohed. After a bit the abuser was removed and things returned to normal, or so we thought. We went thru a few good years but struggled to survive. One would think that the church is the one place you can find protection and comfort. Not so. We once again encountered bullying from the pulpit by a new minister. A mean spirited person that came in tearing things down with deception. A church of 147 years utterly destroyed. Inexperience along with bad manners, lack of concern, conceit and youth. Maybe there was not enough interest due to the members being seasoned saints. It had been said that a younger congregation was needed. They didn’t come because of low visibility. We survived with some scars because of our faith. Plus we were together for so long it’s as if we were family. How many others have experienced spiritual abuse and molestation from the church? Very few will complain.

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