We have been instructed to stay inside if at all possible. I was under the assumption that it meant no outside at all. I couldn’t imagine a whole month of being in the house. Once it was made clear as to the limitation of outside, I felt better. I am still careful to wear my mask when I go out. This Covid-19 beast has a mind of it’s own. Reminds me of those sci-fi movies that have you thinking the alien has been killed; then all of a sudden sinister music pops up and here it comes again.

So what do we do when we’re in lockdown. First of all my way of thinking has changed drastically. The things I took for granted are so very dear to me now. The very idea of being able to go to the store or shop when you want. Socializing has a new meaning. I must confess that I am not much into social gatherings. I even have hesitation regarding family gatherings. I am somewhat an introvert. Small groups, I can tolerate and spend a reasonable amount of time. Thus family reunions are too social for me. The fellowshipping and exchanging stories is good for some people. Anyway, I find there are a lot of things I have not done. I have a stockpile of books I need to read. Projects that I’ve started and laid aside. Junk drawers full of junk. What is some of this stuff we toss in there? Most of it isn’t usable. That’s why I say I’ve developed a new sense of purpose. If I can’t use it, it’s going out.

The tv is a source of entertainment up to a certain point. Most of the time I’m listening to it instead of watching. What I enjoy most is National Geo, HGTV and the Food Network. Food network is a challenge when you’re locked in and they are cooking everything under the sun. When you’re on a restricted diet, it’s not a good idea to watch the best steaks, burgers, ribs, chicken, etc. They make it all look so tantalizing. I have several games on my tablet that I use also. I have my Bible that I am reading in a year. I could probably go ahead and get it done.

Then there’s outside. Now I have a lot of yard work I could be doing. The one drawback is, I need to have my garden plowed. Then I need seeds. I have mulch for my flower beds. The lawn needs to be mowed and weeds trimmed. But I don’t want to stay out too long. Mowing gives me some form of exercise, if I use the push mower. Exercise is the most important thing. Our limbs will stiffen from inactivity. So with all that’s going on, I hope everyone take this time to remember what’s most important to you. Develop a deeper relationship with God and the people around you. Hope, love and trust will get us through this. Be safe.

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