Have you ever emailed someone and needed a reply or an answer and never received it? I have and I don’t know how to address it. I was in distress over something that happened last year. I decided to write one person who was supposedly in charge. I waited about a month for a reply; none came. My next step was to call them. So I did and left a message. I am still waiting. Meantime, I decided to address their boss. I wrote a paper letter and sent it. No answer or response there either. I’m old fashioned and I was raised to answer correspondences as a courtesy. Say please and thank you. The two people I tried to contact are top leaders in a well known organization. They have been given many accolades on their excellence. I’m believing that there is something that I missed. Perhaps it is that there are certain people they don’t respond to. Are our leaders allowed to be rude because of their position? I’m really disappointed.

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