We Will Survive

2022 Has arrived ! Many things transpired in 2021. Unbelievable to say the least. Chaos everywhere and people going from bad to worse. We’d like to think it’s the pandemic; but I truly believe it’s prophecy being fulfilled. Yes, the virus has altered a lot of minds. I certainly don’t think the same way. My mind at this point isn’t quite sure what is real or lies. I’ve never seen so much mud- slinging going on in the political arena. No one wants to work together for the common good. Our lives are at stake and all they can think about is he said she said. The economy has hit rock bottom, morale is at an all-time low. We are concerned with surviving from day to day. There are solutions to every obstacle; compromising and getting together with a better plan. We need some new blood in the White House. All those good ole boys are set in their ways and aren’t about to lose their ground. They need to go home! Survival! And we wonder why the younger generation are looking the other way. Why do we have a man that clearly lost the 2021 presidential election, continue running around stirring the poop to make it stink all the more? Why can’t he walk away and get on with his life? If he plans to get back in the ring, he needs to know what he’s doing. It’s a bad thing to sew hate and bigotry into a country that’s teeter-tottering over the edge. The scientists and doctors are confusing the people with their reports. They are also at each others’ throats. If we are to survive all these calamities, we need to have plans and facts to deal with. The people need to hear the truth. Are we going to have to wear masks for the next year or more. Lives are being lost daily, unfortunately due to ignorance and reluctance. A rebellious society that’s sacrificing their lives and endangering others. I say it’s best to err on the side of caution. Safe than sorry. Vaccines have been around for many years, so has diseases. We have taken flu, pneumonia, diphtheria and others. Is there a difference? We talk about poison. We eat and drink poison daily. Everything we come in contact with can or will have an adverse effect on us. Medications are not all safe, nor do they guarantee cures. But we are willing to use or take them. I am thoroughly confused. God is not the author of confusion. He knows what he is doing and he is speaking to us. Turn back to him and see things work out. He wants to rescue us from all of this chaos.

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